KEYNOTE: Harnessing Nutrigenomic Medicine to address Allergies and Food Intolerances (Keynote address, sponsored by Nutrisearch)

To explain the science of nutrigenomics, it is necessary to explore the core upstream mechanisms used by human cells to perform their fundamental tasks. A deeper understanding of these mechanisms is a powerful foundation from which a clinician may recommend more targeted clinical solutions.  


  1. To appreciate the key functional differences between nutrient supplements and nutrigenomically-active supplements.
  2. To understand the mechanisms that explain how food intolerances originate (be they due to histamines, oxalates, lectins, FODMAPs, salicylates etc) and how restoring homeostasis to the gut ecosystem enables formerly reactive foods to be reintroduced.
  3. To become aware as to how Nutrigenomic Medicine embraces Nature-compatible therapies that restore cellular mechanisms and illustrated by case studies in eczema and psoriasis.