Carla Wrenn
10:45 am
Day 1

Integrative Naturopathic Practice – Safe Herbal Medicine in Oncology

Supporting Cancer patients, especially those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, can be very daunting. In this presentation Carla Wrenn will enhance your skill set, answering the questions she is frequently asked by Practitioners, helping you to thrive in this growing niche. Carla will discuss her ‘golden rules’ and the triumphs and pitfalls of working with this patient group. Utilising her own style of Naturopathic Functional Medicine, Carla will clearly map out what Herbal Medicines we can use, what interactions and contraindications to look out for and when we should hold off treatment, learn more or refer.

Learning outcome(s):

Through case study discussion and Carla’s clear step-by-step plan this presentation will make supporting cancer patients simple and pave a clear direction on how you can more confidently work in the very rewarding area of Integrative Oncology.