Sally Mathrick
10:45 am
Day 2

Our Vital Role during the “Deciding Decade”

The 2020’s has been named the “deciding decade” due to the stresses the industrial, colonialist practices are imposing on living systems, pressuring changes across the board.


Naturopaths and Herbalists have a role to play in supporting and directing people to choose regenerative patterns of living.  We have a role in expanding ways of thinking and feeling about the way we live and our planet, as well as providing natural medicines. This talk helps us recognise and articulate that important role.

This presentation superimposes naturopathic tenets over current published reports about the climate and health crises, to show that many elements of our practice and world-view is accessible to all and can nourish us to create a thriving world. 

This presentation will also remind practitioners how their effect and impact on individuals will often have a long duration. It will provide them with contemporary models that reinforce some of our traditional concepts, help inform future decision making in practice and education moving forward, and inspire practitioners to practice truly wholistic medicine for both personal and planetary health.