Catherine Smith
3:45 pm
Day 1

Thriving with Telehealth: future-proofing practice

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically disrupted usual practice and been a catalyst for the widespread implementation of Telehealth in lieu of in-person consultations.  During this time, Torrens University Australia student-led clinic rapidly developed a professional-standard Telehealth service.  Telehealth is an emerging area in the literature, with limited studies exploring the unique technical and communication skills required for virtual encounters.  The aim of this presentation is to define specific Telehealth competencies required for naturopathic and herbal medicine practice.  Broadening practitioner skill-mix is important for building resilience into models of care to future-proof practice.


Learning Objectives

  1. examine the importance of Telehealth in naturopathic and herbal medicine practice
  2. identify unique Telehealth competencies 
  3. explore the role of Telehealth in future proofing practice