Geraldine Headley
2:30 pm
Day 2

To Test or Not to Test: practical and ethical questions

Differences between screening tests and diagnostic tests and what effect they have in these changing times, with the ethical and practical implications of client testing and relevance to holistic practice. Deciding which tests to offer clients. Ethical implications of some tests and how understanding them can help improve clients’ outcomes.

It has been widely assumed that testing is an effective and acceptable part of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Testing (including screening) is becoming more commonplace in naturopathic practice, with similar assumptions in play. Testing affects individual patient care and the wider field of holistic care practice. The ethical issues in both share common themes and present an opportunity for clarification, learning and improvement.

Practitioners worry about testing and interpretation of results, believing that they may detract from traditional holistic practice. They worry about the ethical questions thrown up by testing, including cost/outcome equations. A clear understanding of the issues and arguments enhances the holistic care of their clients.


At the end of the presentation the attendee will:

1. have a greater understanding of the concepts and implications of testing.
2. be better able to navigate testing pathways and procedures employed by allopathic practitioners.
3. understand the ethical implications for some tests and integrate this knowledge to improve client outcomes .