Dr. Debby Hamilton
1:30 pm
Day 1

KEYNOTE: Understanding the Pathophysiology of Long Haul Covid: Targeting Treatment to Cause of Dysfunction (Keynote address, sponsored by Fx Med)

Long haul Covid has now been well recognized as a consequence of acute Covid-19 infection.

This has resulted in many people having significant chronic symptoms including fatigue, pain, mood issues, and cognitive dysfunction.  In addition, people are having a reactivation of chronic infections such as EBV contributing to this disability.  Upon looking at this from the underlying pathology of disease perspective, it enables practitioners to be able to focus their treatment on the underlying causes.  Covid-19 causes inflammation and oxidative stress that can persist after the acute infection has resolved.  Natural anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants such as glutathione critical for lung health can be potent tools.  Long haul Covid also has neurological symptoms that are common with neuroinflammation and mast cell activation.  The symptoms of prolonged fatigue can be related to mitochondrial dysfunction from inflammatory cytokine and oxidative stress damage. Targeted treatments that support the healing of the mitochondrial membrane and support of critical mitochondrial nutrients can help treat the ongoing fatigue.  Overall, we are learning the long term consequences of Covid-19 and by understanding the causes we have options to treat and support our patients.