Dr Christine Houghton


Dr Christine Houghton PhD.,BSc.,Grad.Dip,Hum.Nutr.,R.Nutr.

“Key Dietary Factors to Future-Proof Childhood Health”

Dr Christine Houghton enjoys a fulfilling and varied career in Nutritional Medicine spanning several decades. Her influential work in translational research remains at the forefront of this rapidly-evolving profession. A Registered Nutritionist with three decades’ clinical experience, Dr Houghton holds a PhD in Nutrigenomics and a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Queensland, together with a Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition from Deakin University, Victoria. She is the Founder and Faculty Head of the Institute for Nutrigenomic Medicine and is the CEO of Cell-Logic, a research-based developer and manufacturer of clinically-relevant nutrigenomic formulations. Her research projects include the application of phytochemicals in human gut, brain and metabolic health, foundation principles that underpin the Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation (G.E.M.M.) Protocol and the evidence-based clinician series, Conversations in Nutrigenomic Medicine. A regular speaker at Australian and international conferences, she is an engaging speaker whose evidence-based presentations often challenge existing paradigms. In acknowledging the many valuable roles played by food components in human health, she has convened the Cell-Logic International Symposium, entitled, “The Secret Language of Food – Decoding Nature’s Healing Signals”, to be held in Brisbane Australia in November, 2023.

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