Jill Dunn

Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists NZ

PhD Candidate, MHSc (CompMed), BHSc (CompMed), DipNat, DipMedHerb, RGON (Retired)

Jill has been an advocate for integration of naturopathic and herbal medicine throughout her 37-year naturopathic career that stemmed from diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and exit from a general nursing career. Jill’s naturopathic career has been broad and encompassed: clinical practice, community teaching, commercial product development, teaching of herbal medicine and nutrition, academic leadership and program management, and professional association representation.

Career highlights have included representation on several NZ Qualification Authority advisory and governance groups for development and evaluation of national naturopathic and herbal medicine education standards, redevelopment of naturopathic bachelor’s degree program, regulatory application for herbal medicine, NZ representation on World Naturopathic Federation (WNF).

Chair of the WNF Professional Mapping Committee, Jill is currently undertaking a PhD at UTS, her study titled “Mapping the naturopathic landscape: An examination of regulation, education policy frameworks and infrastructures in a global emerging profession”.

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