Marianne Fernance

Hi! I’m Marianne, a qualified and experienced Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and co-founder of SimpleClinic.

When I first started my own natural medicine clinic in 2009, I was using many different systems to try to achieve an efficient and proactive workflow. But it wasn’t working! I found myself double-handing, something I really didn’t like doing, nor had time for! Time spent managing my business meant less time helping my patients, and I wanted to help more people to live healthy and vibrant lives.

I needed a system to support my practice. One that was efficient, easy to use, and would also allow me the work/life balance I wanted! I trialled many practice management systems, but none fit my requirements, nor had the workflow I needed in my practice. Those that came close, often had gaps and didn’t support the unique needs and challenges of a naturopathic clinic.

Fortunately, my hubby is an IT specialist and software developer, so I put him to work! He created a practice management software that was purely focussed on the requirements of a simple and efficient naturopathic clinic in one application as well as being flexible and easy to use.

I’m a HUGE Disney fan, and the movie Robots inspired me, those who’ve seen it know the saying from Bigweld “See A Need, Fill A Need” (Robots, 2005) and this is exactly why SimpleClinic came to fruition in 2010. There was a need in the natural medicine industry that was not being filled.

Soon enough, other practitioners started asking me about SimpleClinic. As a result, we decided to make SimpleClinic available to other naturopaths, nutritionists, and herbal medicine practitioners throughout Australia and New Zealand and launched in 2017.

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