Sharon Erdrich

Auckland Gut Clinic

Sharon Erdrich is a Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist (mNMHNZ) and a NZ Registered Nurse with a MHSc (Hons) from the University of Auckland. She is currently conducting her PhD at the University of Sydney. Through this work (The FIDGIT Study), centred on fibromyalgia and the digestive system, she was an invited collaborator at the 2023 International Myopain Symposium – a group of clinicians and researchers committed to understanding chronic pain in order to improve outcomes for those suffering with it. An experienced teacher, Sharon has developed, delivered and co-ordinated programmes in naturopathy, aromatherapy, nutrition, and nursing and is an Adjunct Fellow at Southern Cross University, where she is involved in course writing and delivery on post-graduate programmes. Sharon has published 7 papers in peer-reviewed journals and was lead author of the Gastrointestinal section (Ch 7) of the World Naturopathic Federation’s Health Technology Assessment. She owns the Auckland Gut Clinic, which provides a nationwide breath testing service, and offers a gut-focused internship programme for recent graduates of naturopathy.

Sharon is also our inaugural 2022 NMHNZ Achievement award winner, PhD candidate, and owner of the Auckland Gut Clinic.

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