Tammy Guest

Tammy Guest - Business Mentor

Tammy Guest does things differently.

As a mentor, multi-passionate entrepreneur, adventurer, and mum of three, she helps empower women go from feeling directionless and overwhelmed to being inspired with a clear plan, to lead a truly unrestricted life.

Tammy is also the founder of the Natupreneur Movement, podcast and Hub, and realised early on in her career as a naturopath that the natural business world needed a shake up.

After helping more than 7,000 clients through her Newcastle-based practice and creating sold out health programs and retreats, Tammy looked around in the profession and saw many other practitioners struggling.

Instead of resting on her profitable practice, she took up the mission to guide 7,000 practitioners to each help 7,000 people through their practices, creating a natural health ripple effect that could potentially impact millions of people.

Now a gifted facilitator, Tammy has the capacity, empathy, and skills to speak to individual circumstances within a group setting. Drawing on more than a decade of experience running retreats in five different countries, online and offline, with up to 280 people at a time, she has the power to magically weave transformational immersive experiences you’ll never forget.

Her life’s quest of the planet, people, and purpose has taken her from the realms of medical science, natural medicine, neuroscience, entrepreneurship and even aviation.

With freedom and adventure now at the core of all that Tammy does, from the tiniest to the grandest, she is a beautiful example of what it means to be in the process of reining and enjoying the journey.

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